Thank you for your interest in our magazines.

Let me start by saying that we offer a full money back guarantee on our magazines if you are not completely satisfied.

Now that that is out of the way, I will tell you about our magazines. First of all I get asked all the time if they are original, to be honest with you I have never seen or heard of a reproduction. There might be some somewhere but ours are absolutely the original complete issues. Most of these I have rescued from homes and attics all over the country and I am happy to give them new life, (no pun intended). Many of them have been in stacks in "Grandmas" attic or closet since around the time they were printed.

As far as condition goes, we try our absolute hardest to get the best magazines we can and our first quality issues are great for giving as gifts and for framing. It really amazes me sometimes when I go to buy them and I open a box or look on a shelf and they look like the day they were placed there so many years ago. Not all of the ones we sell of course are like new but are in very nice shape. Some issues might have small creases or tears or other very small defects but are still in extremely nice condition. I have never judged magazines by the official rating method of Fine, Extra-Fine, Near-Mint and so on. I have always rated them on a scale of 1 to 10. I find most people are more comfortable with this and most customers are just buying them for a birthday present and really don't need to get too technical.

We also have "Standard Quality" issues that may have some moderate problems like larger creases or tears or maybe some discoloration or light moisture damage, etc. We do not sell "junk" at all. the "Standard Quality" issues are very readable with no missing pages and are fine for most people.

We have over 65,000 issues in stock but some issues are in high demand and we struggle to keep them in stock. If this is the case, you will see it marked "Out Of Stock". When this is the case you will have the opportunity to choose the issue just before or just after. Sometimes this will work for a birthday.

I hope this eases your mind a little bit about our inventory. Please remember that there is no risk in ordering from us, if you aren't satisfied we do what ever it takes to make you happy or give you your money back. Also our check-out process is very secure so you have piece-of-mind that your credit card information is safe.

I look forward to making you the proud recepient of A Gift of a LIFEtime.

Chris Palmer