Life Magazine, May 1, 1980 - Gene Splicing

Life Magazine, May 1, 1980 - Gene Splicing

Life Magazine, March 1, 1980 - Mickey Rooney

Life Magazine, March 1, 1980 - Mickey Rooney

Life Magazine, April 1, 1980 - Hare Krishna Children

Original Life Magazine from April 1, 1980 - Hare Krishna Children
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Some of the contents in this issue
Feature on the Hare Krishnas, New Vrindawan, former Keith Ham, more. Two page color Lane Pearson Furniture ad with three piece stuffed sofa set that doesn't really look like it goes with anything else in the room, the two page bedroom furniture ad is much better. Great photo of police chasing a knife-wielding man across a roof, by Norman Sylvia. Another great photo - this one of a beached whale, by Charlie Nye. Full page photo of Japanese umpires learning how to call a strike. Rhinos are endangered by poachers. Two page color Suzuki motorcycle ad with the GS450. New weapons in America's arsenal, reevaluation following Societ invasion of Afghanistan, includes two page photo of Cobra helicopters. Two page Independent Insurance Agents of America ad with full page of comic art by Jack Davis. Glories on film - the first color. Today's Jack the Ripper, the Yorkshire Ripper. Portrait : Earl Weaver. The grim world of the Soviet Dissident, Lev Kopelev. Two page color Clairesse hair color ad with Cheryl Tiegs. Speed skater Eric Heiden glides ahead. De-architecture - the New York City firm named SITE. Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn. U.S. Hockey team, great color photos.

COVER: Hare Krishna Children:


ARSENAL OF THE'80S: Lethal punch for ground war.

CHILDREN OF A HARSH BLISS: A Hare Krishna community is raising its own on a farm in West Virginia.

THE HORNS OF A DILEMMA: Rhinos are endangered by poachers.


BEGINNINGS OF COLOR: From the first lantern slides to filter photographic processes.

GRIM WORLD OF THE SOVIET DISSIDENT: The KGB has a special program for political agitators.

ERIC OF THE SILVER SKATES: His Olympic glory past. Heiden glides ahead.

OFF-THE-WALL ARCHITECTURE: "Dc-architecture" is catching the public eye.

SISSY GROWS UP: Spacek goes country as Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter.