1. Here Come Those Beatles

    Four Screaming Mopheads  (From the January 31, 1964 LIFE magazine).

    First England fell, victim of a million girlish screams. Then, last week, Paris surrendered. Now the U.S. must brace itself. The Beatles are coming and already teen-age Americans are as keyed up as the days, only a dim decade ago, when Elvis first came twisting on. The Beatles? They are the four shrewdly goofy-looking lads. Fifteen months ago they were singing their songs in a smoky Liverpool jazz cellar. A talent scout took them and their haircuts to London. Today their records have sold five million copics in England and they are a national institution, seemingly as solid as Big Ben and a lot louder. Their musical style embellished standard rock 'n' roll with a jackhammer beat and high screams that would do a steam calliope proud...Read the rest of this article.

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  2. New Kaiser, a car for under $1200

    Incredibly cheap car. ( From the Feb. 20, 1950 Life magazine.)

    For years Americans driving their big-slick gas gulpers have been perennially teased with rumors of new, small, efficient cars that would serve for normal driving and still cost less than a matched string of pearls. Most of these have turned out to be pipe dreams or, like Nash's N.X.I. projects for the future. But this week, at the Chicago Automobile Show, drivers will at last get... Read the rest of this article

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  3. Sled Riding


    FLYING SAUCERS. (From the Feb. 14, 1955 Life magazine.)

    Few big cities anywhere plunge more whole-heartedly into the pleasures of winter than Minneapolis. Every weekend during the winter some 110,000 Minneapolitans stream into the city's many large parks where there are fine steep slopes for coasting. When the snow is fresh and heavy, small fry by the hundred- and a smattering of nostalgic larger fry deploy over the hills of such popular parks as Powderhorn Lake and Theodore Wirth. They have dozens of sleds, but the...Read the rest of this Life magazine article


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