Dinah Shore, TV's Sunny Top Lady. February 1, 1960 Issue

 The Dual Lives of Dinah

There are, really, two Dinah Shores: the Basie Dinah and the Adaptable Dinah. They add up to America's most successful TV actress, seen by 32 million viewers of NBC's Chevy Show. The show, with its stylish snap and homey warmth, reflects perfectly the Total Dinah, The Basic Dinah was brought up in Nashville, with nice southern manners-which she has kept. She has a good husband-whom she has also kept. Her natural verve made her a cheerleader in high school and college, and her voice won her New York radio job with another unknown named Frank Sinatra, who was so awed by her ladylike ways that he once socked a man for saying a dirty word in front of her. In the TV studio-and at home, where she is the same sunny girl TV loves—the Basic Dinah has a female sense of the fitness of things. She has kept many of the same staff around her for years. She is not at war with others because she is not at war with herself.

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