Life Magazine, February 21, 1955 - Princess Margaret

Life Magazine, February 21, 1955 - Princess Margaret

Life Magazine, December 6, 1954 - Jet-age man

Life Magazine, December 6, 1954 - Jet-age man

Life Magazine, January 3, 1955 - Food, child in shopping cart

Original Life Magazine from January 3, 1955 - Food, child in shopping cart
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Some of the contents in this issue
Special issue - Food, a $93 billion market basket. Charming full page color Cannon towel ad inside front cover, with big stack of lots of different colors and patterns of towels. Ways to cut down kitchen work - basically "buy already prepared foods" and organize your kitchen, a neat look at the kitchen of 1955. Wonderful artistic aerial views of crop lands, including Frederick Schroeder's dairy farm in Wisconsin, photos by the famous Margaret Bourke-White. New York, the biggest appetite (1/12th of all food consumed in the USA), shows warehousing, food-distribution, more. Sockeye salmon in the Fraser River in British Columbia. The Supermarket. Biggest vegetable factory on earth, Seabrook farms, includes cool color photo of vegetables in trays. The farmer and his government, features Fred Bruene and his family farm in Iowa. Traditional American food (dishes) with recipes. Indigestion amid all this plenty - with the great comic drawings of Robert Osborn. Fun article on the Noonday break, lunch, including John Ronayne, Angela Lansbury, John M. Lambert, Mrs. Billie Ryan, chuck Haines, Emil Kantola, and others. World's corniest building, Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Lettuce growing. Dr. Samuel Sheppard is convicted of murder. Earthquake in California. How beef gets to a beef-eating nation. Fastest man on the face of the earth - John P. Stapp at 632 Mph in rocket propelled sled.
Triumph and an obligation
Food supply

Base of abundance

Ways to cut down kitchen work
Cooking, Kitchens

Biggest appetite
Food consumption, New York (N.Y.) (Food supply, Industries, Markets)

Comeback of the sockeye
International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, Salmon

Shopper's delight

Biggest vegetable factory on earth
Seabrook Foods, Inc

Farmer and his government
Land tenure, Agriculture (Economic aspects), Farm produce (Prices), Farmers

Mr Benson and Mr Bruene talk it over
Ezra Taft Benson; 1899-1994

Traditional dishes that do us proud
Cooking, American

U.S. goes out to lunch
Lunches, United States (Social life and customs)

Amid all this plenty, ouch!
Digestive system (Diseases)

World's corniest building
Theater buildings, Mitchell (S.D.)

How beef gets to beef-eating nation
Meat industry

Lit-up leviathan for lettuce
Vegetables (Harvesting)

Search for a future of plenty
Food research

Vote, verdict and a vision
Current events

There goes the fastest man on the face of the earth
John Paul Stapp; 1910-1999, Aviation (Physiological aspects)