Life Magazine, March 17, 1961 - Irish woman

Life Magazine, March 17, 1961 - Irish woman

Life Magazine, December 26, 1960 - LIFE is almost 25

Life Magazine, December 26, 1960 - LIFE is almost 25

Life Magazine, January 20, 1961 - Cancer surgeon

Original Life Magazine from January 20, 1961 - Cancer surgeon
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Some of the contents in this issue
Feature article, doctor name has been been changed to " Matthews" for the story, photos by Elliott Erwitt. Pictorial essay - Civil War, Part 2 - The great battles in paintings by LIFE artists (see also January 6 1961). Touring Russian gymnasts in the US, Muriel Grossfeld, Larisa Latynina. Absolutely super gorgeous full page color Cadillac ad with green Coupe de Ville. Actors for "Swiss Family Robinson" have great time on Tobago. The Jackie look - first lady sets a new national style, including Jackie look-alike models Jeani Kitchens, Joanne Hilem, Dorothea McCarthy, and Eugenia McLin. Oleg Cassini is designer to the First Lady. Prank, riot and shock on Georgia campus. Big league spy case in Britain, " The Five" . A club rebuked for bigotry, Scarsdale Golf Club, New York suburb. Cute Life Savers candy ad with candies in the shape of a fish. Funny photo of Philip Laffin in Ellsworth, Maine getting his mail delivered to his teeth like a dog with a newspaper. Disney makes a movie of " The Swiss Family Robinson." Cute full -age Falcon car ad with football theme. Back cover Coca-cola ad with ice skaters. 1.0
You don't have to look hard to see another Jackie
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (wife of American president John F. Kennedy and Greek-Argentine shipping
executive Aristotle Socrates Onassis.); 1929-1994
, Fashion

Prank, riot and shock on Georgia campus
University of Georgia, Black students

Mystery in Britain: the five
Spies, London (England) (Police)

From the heart of America
Dwight David Eisenhower; 1890-1969

Club rebuked for bigotry

Civil war: now history, the battles
United States (History, Campaigns and battles, Civil War, 1861-1865)

Graceful test of rivals

Man with a life in his hands
Lungs (Surgery), Surgeons

Swiss family Robinson
Motion picture reviews (Single works)

J. F. K. picks a picture for a great occasion
John Fitzgerald Kennedy; 1917-1963 (Statues, portraits, etc)