Life Magazine, July 30, 1971 - Chou En-lai

Life Magazine, July 30, 1971 - Chou En-lai

Life Magazine, July 16, 1971 - Bess Myerson

Life Magazine, July 16, 1971 - Bess Myerson

Life Magazine, July 23, 1971 - Clint Eastwood

Original Life Magazine from July 23, 1971 - Clint Eastwood
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Some of the contents in this issue
The world's favorite movie star is - no kidding - Clint Eastwood. The Whiz Bang Quick City, plastic bubble homes, cardboard geodesic domes, tepee made out of a parachute, more, it was built by architectural students at the real Woodstock location. Trying to help GI addicts, includes Chad Harris, Jewel Barnes, Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital, Ward 4B2, Mickey Vaquera, Ken Forney, Dan Patterson, Cliff Hughes, Sonny Martin. Worst forest fires of the century scar Arizona and New Mexico, Gila Forest, Fire fighter Ron Brown of Bernalillo. Hildegard Knef (Neff). Block Island regatta, sailboat races off the Rhode Island coast. Pungent Memories from Mr. Acheson, former secretary of state. Thomas Eakins, painter and photographer. Bobby Fischer - chess player. Color photos of Marilyn Monroe when she was just Norma Jean, photos by William Burnside. Professor Richard Eakin and his wonderful zoology classes. Cute photo of Sharon Poole pitching for softball team, she tried to get into baseball little league.
Trying to help the GI addicts
Methadone, Drug abuse (Therapy), Drugs and servicemen, Veterans (Hospitals)

New respect for the old Dino
Dean Rusk (American Secretary of state.); 1909-1994, Vietnamese War, 1957-1975, Vietnamese War, 1957-1975Strategy

Gallery: young Marilyn Monroe before the wave
Marilyn Monroe; 1926-1962, Photographs

Momentary community for a mobile era
Air-supported structures

Public vs. private TV.
Public television

Wild beast that devours the dry forests
Dick Swanson, Forest fires

Chance to bargain on Vietnam
Richard Milhous Nixon; 1913-1994, Vietnamese War, 1957-1975 (Peace and mediation)

Hildegard rides again
Hildegarde Knef

Gold-plated regatta
George Silk; 1916-., Regattas

Who can stand 32,580 seconds of Clint Eastwood?
Clint Eastwood

Pungent memories from Mr Acheson
Secretaries of State (U.S.), United States (Foreign relations, History)

Camera eye of Thomas Eakins
Thomas Eakins (American painter and sculptor.); 1844-1916, Portrait photography, Portrait painting

Parting shots: Mr Fischer, demon of the chess world
Bobby Fischer (American chess player.); 1943-2008, Chess

Parting shots: a professor dresses up zoology
Richard Marshall Eakin; 1910-1999, College teachers, Role playing

Parting shots: Sharon Poole, girl star, gets the little league thumb
Little League baseball, Discrimination in sports