Life Magazine, July 1, 1980 - Light House

Life Magazine, July 1, 1980 - Light House

Life Magazine, May 1, 1980 - Gene Splicing

Life Magazine, May 1, 1980 - Gene Splicing

Life Magazine, June 1, 1980 - Folk Art, Cat

Original Life Magazine from June 1, 1980 - Folk Art, Cat
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These issues are in pretty good shape. These are great for those who want a complete, original, average condition issue to read and enjoy. They may have some light to moderate flaws like small tears, spots, library stamps etc. but would make a great piece of history for the budget minded to mark any occasion.
Some of the contents in this issue
The flowering of US folk Art, includes Howard Finster, Elijah Pierce, Mattie Lou O'Kelley, Miles Carpenter, Ralph Fasanella. Full page color BVD men's underwear ad with a man so manly that he is shaving with a straight razor. Full page color Kodak Tele-Ektralite 20 camera ad with Michael Landon. Some great letters to the editor about the Hare Krishna cult (LIFE April 1980). Two page color Sears ad with a full page photo of Leon Reed Jr., runner, track star. Full page ad showing man gold panning from the Gold Information center. The saga of Little Gloria, love and hate among the Vanderbilts. The terrible price of the Atomic bomb tests, 25 years later. Portrait - Lanford Wilson, playwright, Pulitzer prize winner. A Bahamas rookery protects flamingos. People living downwind in atomic fallout, nuclear radiation, Nevada nuclear tests, includes St. George, Utah - a chilling story. Liberia's brutal coup d'etat. Two page color Audi 5000 Turbo ad with Franz Hauk. Full page color Suzuki ad with the cutest little motorcycle and a huge St. Bernard dog, JR-50. The pollution in Rome is destroying its stone monuments. Bjorn Borg may be tennis's best ever. Evangelist Jerry Falwell. Two page color Clairesse hair color ad with great photos of Cheryl Tiegs. New Wave - Son of punk is alive and loud, Bookie's in Detroit. The DeSisto treatment for troubled teenagers, DeSisto School in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Colleen Skully, Irving Landau, Greg Rutkowsky, Roger Kahn, Robyn Weinstein, Kay Rothenberg, others.

COVER: Folk Art

DYNAMITE FROM EITHER SIDE: BJÖRN (BJORN) BORG may be tennis's best ever. Article

CAMERA AT WORK: Wetworld up close.

PORTRAIT: LANFORD WILSON: After 30 plays, a Broadway hit and a Pulitzer. by Jennifer Allen.

THE DOWNWIND PEOPLE: U.S. atom bomb tests continue to take their toll.

BORN-AGAIN FLAMINGOS: A Bahamas rookery protects the rare pink bird.

THE DEADLYJUSTICE OF REVOLT: Liberia's brutal coup d'etat.

WEEPING STONES: The pollution In Rome Is destroying its monuments.

LITTLE GLORIA: A heartrending saga of love and greed, and Gloria Vanderbilt. by Barbara Goldsmith. 

PREACHER OF THE HARD RIGHT: Evangelist Jerry Falwell Is master of the TV message.

AMERICA RIDES: Reck's New Wave Son of punk is alive and loud.

FANCIFUL ART OF PLAIN FOLK: In today's boom, big shows and escalating prices.

SCHOOL THAT MENDS WRECKED LIVES: The DeSisto treatment for troubled teenagers.

A LOOK BACK AT TITO: A photographer's remembrances. by John Phillips.