Life Magazine, June 14, 1963 - Cardinals convene at St. Peter's

Life Magazine, June 14, 1963 - Cardinals convene at St. Peter's

Life Magazine, May 31, 1963 - Gordon Cooper is welcomed home

Life Magazine, May 31, 1963 - Gordon Cooper is welcomed home

Life Magazine, June 7, 1963 - Death of Pope John XXIII

Original Life Magazine from June 7, 1963 - Death of Pope John XXIII
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Some of the contents in this issue
Astronaut Gordon Cooper writes about his 22 orbit flight, photos by Cooper from 100 miles up. What the heck is Uberbeschaftigung? James Bell thinks JFK needs it. Clues to submarine Thresher mystery. A bomb expert tries to defuse mailbox bomb and it blows up, Walter Leja in Montreal - gruesome photos. Great photos and story of Heinz Warneke's elephant sculpture at Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, with live elephants alongside in similar pose. World's biggest sun scope, 500 foot tunnel - McMath Solar telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona. Athletes, including Maury Wills, try to improve their game through hypnotism. Luke Halpin gets to know his new dolphin costar for the movie "Flipper". Pope John XXIII in failing health. Woman behind the Man of the Century, Clementine Churchill by Jack Fishman. 57 boats start a 12-day race and only 2 finish the Texas Water Safari, Lynn Maughmer and Jimmy Jones. Funny photo of John McEldowney, second baseman for Baylor University with baseball on his head. Full page color ad for Martin Marietta PAINTS, now space-rated.
Now, a hope of farm sanity
Agricultural administration

House divided in new way
United States Congress House

J.F.K. needs Adenauer's problem
Employment (Germany (West))

Life guide

Cooper and his camera tell the great story
Project Mercury

First clues in mystery of the Thresher
Submarines (Accidents ane explosions)

Mighty scope for the long eyes

Gamboling dolphin in a new role
Animals (Training), Dolphins

Athletes get help from hypnotists
Athletes, Hypnotism

That beloved rock of a man
Pope John XXIII; 1881-1963

Builder of bridges for us poor devils
Morris L. West (Australian novelist.); 1916-1999

Woman behind the man of the century
Lady Clementine Churchill; 1885-1977, Sir Winston Churchill; 1874-1965

Fifty seven boats started a rugged twelve-day race in Texas
Boat racing