Life Magazine, April 1, 1980 - Hare Krishna Children

Life Magazine, April 1, 1980 - Hare Krishna Children

Life Magazine, January 1, 1980 - Ayatullah Khomeini

Life Magazine, January 1, 1980 - Ayatullah Khomeini

Life Magazine, March 1, 1980 - Mickey Rooney

Original Life Magazine from March 1, 1980 - Mickey Rooney
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Some of the contents in this issue
Tension rises in the Persian gulf, includes photos of the Soviet ship Marshal Voroshilov. Full page Lincoln National Life insurance ad with vintage photo of Abraham Lincoln. Two page color Congoleum flooring ad with little ballerina and ballet troup. Photographer Sir Cecil Beaton and the royals of England, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Caroline of Monaco, more. A number of letters to the editors pertaining to the Cerebral Palsy article in LIFE January 1980. The art Picasso kept for himself. Two page color Volkswagon Vanagon ad, in red and white. Two page color Honda ad with CB125S, CM400E, and 194 cc TwinStar motorcycles and the exhortation to always wear a helmet and eye protection. Olympic duels that may not make it to Moscow - if Moscow is boycotted. Portrait - Marsha Mason, movie star, actress. Unspeakable atrocity in Cambodia, Pol Pot regime, includes Jim Clark, Chris DeLance. Full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad with cross country skiers. Haroun Tazieff, Volcano man, Inferno detective, includes a neat photo of him cross country skiing in Erebus in Antarctica. An inquiry into the violent death of an old friend, an elephant, by Shana Alexander. Bo Derek causes new hairdo fad. Burn center nurse's unceasing fight, Charlotte Sheehan with Jim Lazardi, Gary Hawkins, Aleyda Monell, Judy Flagg, Dorothy Walsh. Rosalynn Carter, a big feature. Afghanistan, the land the Russians grabbed. A horrible photo of the scene after an execution during a prison riot, New York State's Attica prison. A humorous photo of Prince Charles skiing in disguise.



TENSION IN A VITAL WATERWAY: At the mouth of the Persian Gulf, Soviet warships lurk.

THE AGONY OF THE U.S. OLYMPIANS: If Moscow is boycotted, all their sweat is in vain.

CAMBODIA RAKES THE ASHES OF HER RUIN: Exclusive photographs of unspeakable atrocity.

VOLCANO MAN: Scholar-adventurer Haroun Tazieff is the controversial Inferno Detective.

THE MIGHTY MICKEY: Mickey Rooney burlesques it up in Sugar Babies.

FOR THE LOVE OF ELEPHANTS: An inquiry into the violent death of an old friend By Shana Alexander.

THE PICASSOS HE KEPT FOR HIMSELF: The artist's private collection goes public.

BO'S ROWS: The pigtailed star of 10 sparks the latest hairdo fad. 

CARING FOR THE BURNED: A burn center nurse's unceasing fight against the ravages of fire.

THE FIRST 'GOOD OLE GIRL' No shrinking southern violet, Rosalynn Carter backs up her man. By Doris Betts.

THE LAND THE RUSSIANS GRABBED: Afghanistan's splendor and desolation: backdrop for violence.