"Original Classic" T-Shirt - Pick Your Year!

100% heavyweight cotton T-Shirt from the Year You Were Born.

Full of Charm and Character, our black "Original-Classic" pre-shrunk, durable, 100% heavyweight cotton "T" will make the perfect gift for your family, friends or spouse who proudly believe the year they were born was the greatest year ever.

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We can’t choose the year we were born, but we CAN choose to own it. Our durable, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton t-shirts are adorned with whimsical graphics that show the pride you have for the year you were born. One look at you and everyone will know that your vintage year was a great time for folks with vision, a sense of humor, and of course head-turning style! Our shirts come in a full range of sizes featuring the year of your choice from 1945 to 1965.

Every time period had its own distinct charm and character. But only someone who’s been there can share the stories (true or embellished) of ‘The Good Old Days’! The highs the lows and the experience of coming of age during that unique time. Remember the cars? The clothes? The hair? The dancing? That annoying kid who lived next-door? Was there ever another time quite like it? NO! That’s why it’s all yours to celebrate with our must-have shirt collection! These unique items also make the perfect gift for your spouse, friend, or loved one.

We bet that yours was a good year to be born and the beginning of a great era. With our fun t-shirts and you’re amazing stories, nostalgia has never looked or felt so good!

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