Life Magazine, October 17, 1960 - Henry Cabot Lodge and wife Emily

Life Magazine, October 17, 1960 - Henry Cabot Lodge and wife Emily

Life Magazine, October 3, 1960 - Eisenhower at United Nations

Life Magazine, October 3, 1960 - Eisenhower at United Nations

Life Magazine, October 10, 1960 - Doris Day

Original Life Magazine from October 10, 1960 - Doris Day
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Some of the contents in this issue
Revealing photography shows the dramatic moments of the sharpening Nixon-Kennedy campaign. Pleasant views at the U.N. building, women staff and Ambassadors wives including Marie Weizmann, Cornelia Faust, Myrta Tsagari, Wilma Klein, Kadiatou Diallo, Ngaire Anderson, Joan Hsu, Cynthia Tamayo, Kshama Fernando, Sybil Wong. Shiny new bridges span Northwestern waters, Vancouver. Emily Post dies. Pat Nixon and Jackie Kennedy (candidates wives) keep home fires burning. Full page Commercial Banks ad with photo of three men in Dodgers uniforms missing a fly ball. Dictionary of Bostonese by Frank Gilbreth. Jim Brosnan and Ted Williams give inside pictures on the big baseball Series. Kids rooms can be their castles. Le Sueur Minnesota has corn on the cob day, Corn Queen Carol Meyer, Mrs. August Harder. Flightless birds - great art by Guy Tudor with story, cassowaries, kiwi, ostrich, emu, moa, more. East Bay Children's Hospital, Oakland, California welcomes nursery schoolers on field trip to learn what it's like to be sick and in the hospital, Nurse Delora Pitman, kids Barbara Trutner, Cathy Taggart, Katherine Reginato. Ex-soldier Elvis Presley plays a G.I. baby-sitter, cute photos of him with babies. Perils for spike heeled girls, great shots of the traps awaiting your shoes in the city. 14-year-old Sue Lyon is chosen to play Lolita in Stanley Kubrick's version of the film. Mark Twain's daughter Clara Clemens Samssoud remembers her father in introduction to new edition of his work. Just plain awesome color double-page spread car ads for each of the following : Ford Falcon pickup, Mercury Meteor 600 and 800, 1961 Chevy Corvair, Oldsmobile F-85, Oldsmobile 98. Chrysler 1961 Newport. Ford Falcon 1961 (sedan).
Perils for spike-heeled girls

Two brooding men in a dazzling duel
John Fitzgerald Kennedy; 1917-1963, Richard Milhous Nixon; 1913-1994, Presidential campaigns (1960)

What really happened before the tv debate
Television and politics

At the U.N. state visits, unprecedented doings
Harold Macmillan; 1894-1986, United Nations General Assembly (15th session)

What would Emily Post have said?
Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev; 1894-1971, Etiquette

Banker's most timely warning

Pleasant views at the U.N. building
United Nations (Employees)

San Marco says thanks
Joseph SATURNO, Victor SATURNO, San Marco d'Urri (Italy)

Dictionary of Bostonese
English language (Pronunciation)

Solid change from a buckling past

Kids' rooms can be their castles
Children's rooms

Back to 1675
Churches (Buildings)

Radar eye on runways
Radar in aviation

Strange birds that cannot fly

Rock-a-bye role for Presley
Elvis Presley; 1935-1977

Famous father recalled
Mark Twain; 1835-1910, Clemens SAMOSSOUD

Still playing it deadpan
Buster Keaton; 1895-1966

Dry-clean slot machine
Cleaning machinery and appliances

Fast-clip art trip
Rainey Bennett; 1907-1998, Charles FEINGARTEN, Art trade

Lovely aspirants for role of first lady
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (wife of American president John F. Kennedy and Greek-Argentine shipping
executive Aristotle Socrates Onassis.); 1929-1994
, Patricia Nixon (wife of American president Richard M. Nixon.); 1912-1993

Rare nose
Sculpture, Egyptian

Sensible shaper of U.S. manners
Emily Post; 1873-1960, Etiquette

Two inside slants on the big series
Baseball, Baseball players

Social season, early and elegant
New York (N.Y.) (Social life and customs)